Several Reasons Bass Guitar Playing Is Super Cool

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Many people cannot tell the difference between the types of guitars most often seen in a rock or pop bands. If you ask them which one is the bass guitar, they have no idea. However, if you tell them it is the one with four or five strings and the strings are big and thick. That is when they start to notice the difference and see it is an interesting instrument.

Here is a list of several cool bass guitar attributes that make it attractive to learn.

• First off it is actually easier to get started on than a regular six string guitar.

• Another interesting thing about bass is you play the rhythm of the music and not the difficult melody.

• Playing bass is attractive for some people because there are fewer people doing it than drums or guitar.

• To start learning to play bass you can be any age.

• Becoming a bass player is the fastest way to get in a band next to singing or playing cowbell.

Learning to play bass guitar starts out simple enough because you learn to play one note at a time instead of chords. This makes it easier to get into quickly. Your fingers might hurt from the strings but not from the weird chord patterns that you have to learn for regular guitar. Therefore, you concentrate on playing one note at a time in sync with a timekeeper device like a metronome or drum machine. You learn scales and walking patterns at first while keeping to the pulse. This makes it easier to learn quickly because you accomplish learning skills faster. Later on bass guitar can be as complicated as all instruments are but to get up and running fast, it is easy.

With bass, you are a rhythmic instrument. Actually, your job is to hold the root structure of each chord together. In other words, if a G chord is being played, you will play a low G note. You are hitting the lowest note and forming a solid foundation. What is cool about this is in a way you are controlling the flow of the song and yet because you play one note at a time, it is like playing lead. However, initially you are not playing the melody. You are anchoring the structure below the melody but in its own way, you feel like the leader. This is something many people do not understand about the bass. The bass player is the one who needs to know the song direction the best because good guitar players and drummers will follow his rhythmic lead. Later as a bass player better understands, he will bring harmony notes into his playing. These will further color the music in distinct ways.

One of the best things about learning the bass guitar is that not as many people want to do it. There are tons of guitarists and drummers out there. There are not as many bassists and there are even fewer good ones. Many bass players do not understand their role in the band and they play too many notes. This can be common among all musicians but good players will not do this. They are team players and not out for just themselves. They help set a solid foundation for the soloists and singers to work with. Therefore, if you learn to play bass well and understand your job within the band, you will get to work sooner than players that do not understand this.

While it is great to start learning bass guitar at a young age, it is not necessary. Many people start out on different instruments first and then switch to bass. This is very common among guitar players because there are so many of them. Whenever you start, the important is to practice as much as possible. The more you practice the better you get. Without practice, you will plateau quickly.

Playing bass in a band can be a very rewarding experience on many levels. The accomplishment of playing the right part you practiced and not making mistakes is a driving force for many players. Then there is the pride you feel when the whole band plays a song well. You can now see how your bass part fits with what the other musicians are playing. There is also the thrill and rush of playing in front of an audience and feeling the power the band has because it is playing well. Lastly, there is the camaraderie of hanging out with fellow musicians who become your friends because you share a common interest in music. Some will remain friends for life.

Yes, playing bass guitar is very cool indeed.

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James Rubel

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